Initialising your first BanzaiDB database

Initialising a BanzaiDB involves having BanzaiDB connect to your RethinkDB instance. Once connected BanzaiDB creates a database and initialises some default tables.


Please ensure the following has been met:
# You have installed BanzaiDB, RethinkDB & the RethinkDB python driver # You have a RethinkDB instance running

Telling BanzaiDB about your RethinkDB instance

The file ~/.BanzaiDB.cfg (~/ = /home/$USER/) is used to provide information to Banzai DB about your RethinkDB instance.

An example would be:

db_host =
db_name = my-cool-project

db_host: will always be unless you have installed your RethinkDB instance on a remote server.

db_name: will typically reflect the short running title of the project