Getting study metadata into BanzaiDB

Here we will walk you through populating the metadata table into a freshly initalised BanzaiDB database.


We expect that in the near future certain table headers will be required.

Absolute requirements

  1. The study metadata must be in CSV or XLS [1] format,
  2. The first row of the CSV or XLS contains table headers,
  3. There should be no missing data (empty cells). Please use null to represent missing cell data. Unknown may also be used. null should be used when it’s absolutely known that the information does not exist, while unknown is used when it’s actually unknown if the data may exist,
  4. The strain identifier must be provided. The header for the strain identifier should be StrainID. If this is not the case please note the header as you’ll need it when populating the table,

User considerations

  1. We will guess the type (i.e string, number etc.). If some numbers are really meant to be strings please note the correct type for each header element as it will be needed when populating the table. See the following table of relationship between Python and JSON types:
  2. If your table headers contain spaces they will be replaced by ‘_’
Python JSON
dict object
list, tuple array
str, unicode string
int, long, float number
True true
False false
None null
[1]Metadata provided in XLS in converted to CSVKit.